The Well Health Center


The Well Health Center, 200 Palo Duro, Cactus, TX 79013

If you are needing an appointment please call our office at 806-934-5755 

The Well Health Center is a non-profit faith based medical clinic and a compassionate ministry center that exists to work holistically by providing quality, compassionate, and affordable whole person and community health care to the community of Cactus. The people of Cactus are in need of primary care as access to Dumas is not always available for many in the community. This care includes: care of acute medical conditions such as respiratory infections, skin rash, minor injuries care of chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, COPD/asthma, arthritis, depression, well child checks, women's health including family planning and pap smears, Medicare wellness exams, minor procedures, laboratory services, prayer and spiritual care. The Well was built by more than 20 teams of 200 volunteers from all over the country!  Building materials were purchased with funds from grants and donations. TWHC opened in January of 2019. 
Aubrey Williamson APRN, Hilda LVN, Claraisa CNA, Debi Office Manager.

Staff of The Well Health Center

On the Left is Claraisa she is our CNA in the Middle is Debi she is our Office Manger in the Right is Hilda she is our LVN.